Zipcar customer behavior

The big-picture view of the future was based on a car-sharing model in which people in all the major cities could walk to the self-service Zipcars.

Zipcar: Influencing Customer Behavior Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Consumer Behavior Implications for Marketing Strategies by Leigh Richards - Updated September 26, Marketers are interested in understanding and influencing consumer behavior to increase demand for their products and services and, ultimately, to increase sales.

Describe how studying consumer behavior could help select a strategy for UNH marketing effort. This question was answered on Jun 24, It is important for organizations Zipcar customer behavior thoroughly understand the markets they are attempting to influence and how consumer behaviors impact consumers' buying decisions.

Car Buying Behavior; Does Generation Y Want to Own a Car?

Word-of-mouth can be a powerful influence on buying behavior, and marketing strategies are often designed to leverage word-of-mouth.

Focus on replacing car ownership rather than automating car rental. Appendix 3 Zipcar has been also targeting young generation. To sell the concept to UNH students, Brett Pasinella engaged a senior class of marketing students to develop a marketing plan for all the transportation systems available on campus.

The increasing popularity and use of social media help marketers to take even more advantage of reference groups in helping to spread messages about their products and services. For investors outside the United States: It should inform the customer before or offer other solutions to the issue, not letting customer waiting and calling Zipcar.

Continue to set different prices for different areas 7. In other words, the more dramatic the change in the intensity, the more noticeable it will be to consumers. Situational analysis In the car-sharing service industry, there are three major factors companies must consider in order to sustain their business.

Zipcar HBS Case Analysis

Zipcar really stood out because of their technology and understanding of the services and what we were looking for, explainsPasinella. This prospectus is an offer to sell only the shares offered hereby, but only under circumstances and in jurisdictions where it is lawful to do so.

But UNH still had to sell the idea to budget-conscious students in order to make it work. A central route is popular for communicating with consumers who are more highly involved with the product or issue, while peripheral means of communication a combination of multiple approaches are suitable for influencing less-involved consumers.

We went through a bidding process to get the right company, Pasinella says. An effective illustration of ELM is political campaigning. Regular maintenance of the fleet. Write down five-ten value statements for yourself.

By cooperating with universities, with offered parking space, Zipcar helps to reduce university traffic and increase convenience to users in university. In order to make the business model sustainable and sound, accountability of customers should be considered more seriously.

Also, those users have relatively high level of education. A segment profile would also provide a demographic and psychographic description of the segment, along with key measures of segment size and growth.

All the gas, insurance and mileage are included. Zipcar, on the other hand, is showing the reverse trend—sales were down 17 percent over the same period.

Households with customers of Zipcar in the U.S. 2018

What steps can Zipcar take to manage its relationship with UNH? His take-away message to the Alpha Loft accelerator group in Manchester was applicable to all entrepreneurs and business leaders: However, in car-sharing services, customers are involved significantly in the whole operation system because they find the car and return the car by themselves.

The lead components are sparing the planet tons of carbon dioxide and saving consumers money, continuous themes that have been foundational with the user community. Keep advantage in costs 5.

Although Zipcar has already adopted few implantations such as late return penalty and repeatedly asking customers to return car on time through their website, it seems not easy to motivate people to give efforts to participate.

But as of last year, car ownership is reportedly on the rise againmeaning ideal car share markets are possibly not spreading across the country as rapidly as once predicted. In general, consumers seek to increase pleasure and avoid pain. Boston, New York and Washington, D.Consumer Perceptions of the Zipcar Car Sharing Services; Consumer Perceptions of the Zipcar Car Sharing Services.

The success of the new model has created a rich opportunity to study consumer behavior. This review looks at the consumer perceptions associated with car sharing. Company Overview Zipcar offers one of the most advanced car. The Lesson: You can't change ingrained consumer behavior overnight.

But you can carve out a profitable niche by finding and focusing on very specific markets that might be more conducive to change. Just as Zipcar must market to UNH, UNH in turn must market the Zipcar concept to its customers—students and faculty.

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The Zipcar Story: Strong Leadership, Savvy Marketing and Key Hiring Enables Rapid Growth

Application. The process took a week. I interviewed at Zipcar (New York, NY) in July Interview. Phone interview with recruiter on phone, very nice a few behaviorial questions on phone interview only and she dug in about passed experience. A questionnaire is designed based on the systematical literature review relevant to the types and influencing factors of consumers' purchasing behavior online for furniture from demographic characteristics, purchasing types, purchasing behaviors, and the perceptions of .

Zipcar customer behavior
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