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Dynamical systems, iterated function systems and fractals with applications Bachelor or Master level. An example of such a problem is for modeling the diffusion of heat energy in two space dimensions, in the case where the spatial domain represents a medium consisting of two different but homogeneous materials, with periodic boundary conditions.

Fubini's theorem, change of variable. Linear first order equations, method of characteristics. Quadratic forms and Rayleigh's principle. Science ProgramBiological Sci. The book is addressed to a wide audience of specialists such as mathematicians, engineers, biologists, and physicists.

Surprisingly the answer is "No. The reasons why this is a great advantage over traditional methods will be discussed and explained. Topics include geometric theory including proofs of invariant manifold theorems, flows on center manifolds and local bifurcation theory, the method of averaging, Melnikov's method, and an introduction to Smale horseshoes and chaos theory.

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Axioms of probability, conditional probability and independence, basic combinatorics, discrete and continuous random variables, joint densities and mass functions, expectation, central, limit theorem, simple stochastic processes.

Introduces students with multivariable calculus to five different areas of applied mathematics. These topics are discussed in the context of applications and real data. Algebra review, functions, graphs, limits, derivatives, integrals, logarithmic and exponential functions, functions of several variables, applications in management, applications in biological and social sciences.

Vectors in n-D, matrices and matrix products. Students are expected to have knowledge of Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra, and any sections on these topics will be presented as review.

Long-term probability models for risk management systems. In studies of the physical phenomenon of piezoelectricity, a special real linear space V of dimension 21 has to be investigated. Along the way many techniques and tools will be explained, such as: Modeling using stochastic asset models e.

Such a model is impossible to solve analytically, and is very difficult to solve using existing numerical methods, thus the implementation of an alternative approach.

Two interesting master thesis topics related to group theory that came to mind are: Wave, heat and Laplace equations. MATH Topics in Fractal Geometry 1 Topics to be covered include Hausdorff measure, various definitions for dimensions of a set, techniques for calculating these dimensions, also the local structure projections, products and intersections of fractals will be discussed.

A student may register for six semester hours in one semester or for three semester hours in each of two semesters. Honors section corresponding to Student registrants are expected to make at least one major presentation each month of the term. Vectors spaces; inner product spaces.

Emphasis is placed on organizing for needs of a variety of readers; concise, clear expression. His research area is ring theory and he would be happy to supervise a project within that area. Topics to be covered include necessary and sufficient conditions for weak and strong extrema, Hamiltonian vs Lagrangian formulations, principle of least action, conservation laws and direct methods of calculus of variations.An introduction to qualitative and quantitative methods for ordinary differential equations.

Topics include first and second order equations, existence and uniqueness of solutions, logistic models, planar linear systems (including phase portraits), regular singular points.

POWER SYSTEM DIFFERENTIAL MODEL WITH APPLICATION TO GRID DYNAMIC SIMULATION A Thesis Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of the Louisiana State University and.

Master Thesis Presentation: The First Order Ordinary Differential Equations with the Painlevé property Abstract: Differential equations with the Painlevé property play a special role in physics.

They have been studied extensively, and have connections to many branches of mathematics, including function theory, dynamical systems and.

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University of South Carolina Scholar Commons Theses and Dissertations Modeling, Simulation, and Applications of Fractional Partial Differential Equations. Abstract. Nonlinear differential equations arise as mathematical models of various phenomena. Here, various methods of solving and approximating linear and nonlinear differential equations are examined.

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Differential equations master thesis abstract
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