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The highest score to be had for this segment is They always obeyed my attorney views and amended the plans according to their needs.

The candidates with an eligible job offer in a skilled occupation fall under this category. It is for the applicants who have done their graduation from an eligible Canadian university or college in the last 3 years.

BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration

It is obligatory that aspirants fulfill the bare minimum scores in every section with a view to be given admission into the pool of selection. Registration is also required for all this.

The candidate must have the required year experience in their own skilled occupation. The application is to be screened for completeness. The same serves as a work permit support letter with a view to submit an application for a two-year work visa to the CIC.

The candidate will be responsible for all the costs related to the verification service. In case you are not sent an invite to submit an application to the BC PNP,inside six months of becoming eligible, your registration will run out.

You must also sign a Performance Agreement declaring that you intend to implement your proposed plan. I have a small waterproofing and insulation company in India and applied for L-1A visa here. In case you are offering a joint venture with a co-registrant, the combined total of the lowest-scoring registrant s will be duly applied to every co-registrant.

You must be a regular payroll-based employee, independent contractors are not eligible to apply. We use Joorney for all of our business plans for our immigration clients.

British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration

In case a candidate has gained entry into the pool of selection, his final registration total will be given a rank together with other registrants. There is no overall minimum score.

Social 6 Shares Social 6 Shares With a dynamic, educated, and skilled workforce, low operating costs, competitive tax rates, and strategic location, British Columbia is one of the best locations in North America to develop a business.

C, must have operated in B. After the approval of the application, the designated signing authority of the company signs a Performance Agreement with B. Registrations which meet the requirements for the pool of selection are legitimate for a maximum of 6 months.BC PNP PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Quick facts: The BC PNP program uses a Skills Immigration Registration System.

All candidates are ranked using a points system designed to reflect a candidate's ability to succeed in the local labour market and become economically established in. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program is a program designed to accelerate the Permanent Resident application for business professionals, skilled workers, and their families who are looking to live in British Columbia.


Immigrating to British Columbia as a business immigrant through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) can be complex. In addition to standard PNP application forms, you also need a solid business plan that meets strict provincial standards. The BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) selects potential business immigrants for settlement here in British Columbia.

British Columbia Investment Immigration

Under the BC PNP, an individual must have at least a net worth of CAD$, and be prepared to invest in a potential business in BC in the amount of $, Watch this video to learn about the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

Next, fill out the Online Assessment form and within one business day (often much quicker) we will follow up with you to schedule your immigration consultation. BCPNP British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration. British Columbia, amongst Canada’s premier settlement destinations,has started an online registration system for applicants keen in filing application under the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Entrepreneur Immigration Class.

Business plan bc pnp forum
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