1 explain various levels of product with examples 10 marks

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It is important to understand that while individual freedom represents the greatest strength of capitalism, it also represents the greatest potential weakness.

Service In agricultural machinery, processing equipment and other items which are of substantial value and technology, service is a prerequisite. Smith wrote that an "invisible hand" leads individuals to unintentionally promote the good of society while seeking their own self interest.

The major types of costs, in terms of cost behavior, are: The openness of the farm-household system is obvious from its physical, economic and social interaction with its environment. In manufacturing or selling produce, cognisance has to be taken of cost and country legal requirements.

Non tariff barriers are an attempt, despite their supposed impartiality, at restricting or eliminating competition. Investment management is more of a holistic concept than capital budgeting in that it considers the effects of an investment decision on the entire organization rather than simply the local areas such as individual departments or individual divisions where the investments are made.

Derive expressions for the kinetic energy and potential energy of a simple harmonic oscillator. In order to illustrate the above points, cotton can be used as an example. In Africa, Maritim 2, found, generally, that there are no consistent standards for product quality and grading, making it difficult to do international trade regionally.

The four constituencies are definitely not part of the same family. The system can process bales per day and give a printout on the seven parameters of grading.

This action could cause the alarm condition to flip back and forth in boundary cases. Communitarian firms tend to provide lifetime employment, promote from within the organization and emphasize job enrichment. Show that in the case of one dimensional elastic collision, the relative velocity of approach of two colliding bodies is equal to the relative velocity of separation of the two bodies after collision.

In addition, accurate cost information is required to determine whether or not a company should make produce or buy the raw materials, parts and subassemblies that become part of its major products and services. Explain the nature, causes and effects of conflict as well and the strategies, structures and procedures for conflict resolution 9.

Grading and quality standards: However, the assumption in a communitarian system is that optimizing the parts will automatically produce sub-optimization of the whole because of the interdependences among individuals and groups within the system.

Explain hydraulic lift and hydraulic brakes. Section B focuses on section 2 of the syllabus macroeconomics. Auto manufacturers famously produce various product lines of vehicles to reach the widest possible range of consumers. On the left-hand side, communism represents the maximum individual freedom for a socialist system, while state socialism represents the least individual freedom.

Centrifuge machine is classic example of centrifugal force. In some markets product saturation has been reached, yet surprisingly the same product may not have reached saturation in other similar markets.


The basic principles have also been used in chemistry and other branches of science.By measuring levels of consumer awareness, product trial, repeat purchase, market share, and sales volume, the test market gives some indication of the productivity of the elements of the.

Oct 16,  · Explain why two different enzymes are needed for the synthesis of glycogen from glucose phosphate. Glycogen is made of glucose phosphate; it is a polysaccharide, and because of the multiple present molecules, multiple enzymes will be needed to synthesize these.

Microeconomics Topic 1: “Explain the concept of opportunity cost and explain why accounting profits and economic profits are not the same.” Reference: Gregory Mankiw’s Principles of Microeconomics, 2nd edition, Chapter 1 (p.

) and Chapter 13 (p. ). How Is Six Sigma Different? Real-world Performance Levels; Situation/Example: In 1 Sigma World: In 3 Sigma World: value?

how the value is coming and why it is rated as 6sigma?

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pls help me. i will be grateful to you. and also explain how to calculate sigma rating from currclickblog.com defects. chapter 1. MARKETING: CONNECTING WITH CUSTOMERS. chapter OVERVIEW. Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives.

Question 10 (2 marks) The design of a product is infl uenced by a range of aspects (parameters). Use an example to explain the difference between the primary function and the secondary function of a.

1 explain various levels of product with examples 10 marks
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